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Creative Productions Marketing Group

aka Ben Freedman Productions - Dallas Texas

A Special Message from Norman Barrington:
I have had the priviledge of managing Ben's many websites over the last two decades, and am very sad that our collaboration came to such an abrupt end. with Ben's passing away early in 2013.
His family have agreed that this site should now become a permanent memorial, both to Ben himself
and also his jingle business in it's various forms as it was developed over the years.

Within this site, you will find much of Ben's personal history, illustrated with many photographs,
and a large repository of audio which feature historic items going back to the late 60s and early 70s
plus more recent productions & demos which will be of interest to his clients, friends and jingle collectors worldwide.

Although his unique resings are no longer available, his generic products, previously marketed as
have been combined into a single DVD entitled THE ULTIMATE RADIO PROMO LIBRARY DVD,
a massive production library containing thousands of generic sings, acapellas, shouts and music beds.

Still available for broadcast or internet use, on a buy-out basis, Ben Freedman, Jr. will manage future sales of this item.

Please visit www.radiopromodvd.com for further information and contact details